Wall clocks & decoration


It's high time to show off your brand! The hours go by but your message on the face of a promotional clock stays there 24/7. Your logo or imprint will be seen by many people several times each day for several years. Whether to showcase your company logo or product, there's always time to expose your brand in premium quality using promotional wall clocks. Custom printed wall clocks are timeless promotional items. Eye-catching promo wall clocks are used 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. People will see your logo every time they glance at the clock to check the time.


Turn your customers' offices, retail premises, lobbies and halls into advertising space for your company by giving them the gift of time. All you have to do is give away stylish promotional clocks with your logo. Put your brand on your target group's desks by printing branded desk clocks. Inexpensive bulk giveaways are a treat appreciated by trade show attendees. A branded high-quality timepiece in contrast is a valuable corporate gift that delivers utility for real prospects and new customers. A decorative clock that showcases your company or brand in a professional light is ideal for this purpose. Your employees will also be excited to receive a custom timekeeper as a high-value gift of practical use. To make the decision easier, you can order an unprinted sample first.


The following criteria have to be considered when putting your custom design on the clock: We can print the subject directly on plastic. How you design the imprint depends on the occasion and the goal of your marketing campaign. An attractive product photo combined with a subtle version of your logo can be a good idea if you want to offer it as a free add-on item with certain products. We carry many different types and styles of promotional clocks such as mechanical clocks, automatic clocks, logo clocks, wall clocks, watches with chronographs, radio clocks, digital clocks and analogue clocks, including timepieces in different colours. In our online shop, you will find wall clocks printed in reliable quality at fair prices and more. It's time to let your customers see your brand with personalised promotional clocks.