Creating a table of contents in InDesign – Basics Tutorial

Catalogues, magazines and journals usually have many pages. The table of contents (TOC) on the first three pages helps readers navigate the publication. Adobe InDesign provides a convenient function to automatically generate a table of contents. This saves you a great deal of work. In this InDesign tutorial, you will learn how to use this function and what requirements have to be met.

Creating layouts with InDesign: How to insert images – Basics Tutorial

What do printed magazines, journals and catalogues have in common? They all have a layout comprised of text and images. Adobe InDesign provides the right tools to correctly align and position these two components. In our tutorial, you will learn how to insert, manage and check images in InDesign.

Download free Valentine’s Day templates

The day of hearts is an ideal opportunity to promote your business. We have put together some useful tips how to make the most of V-Day. We provide free Valentine’s Day templates to get you started.

Free Valentine’s Day fonts

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to make your customers feel loved and promote your business. Use the matching fonts to show off your offering in style. Spread love on Valentine’s Day with matching fonts.

Photoshop: Smart Objects and their benefits – Basics Tutorial

Smart Objects open up a wealth of versatile Photoshop functions. Just converting an image to a Smart Object can simplify the entire image editing workflow. In this tutorial, we will show you three ways to use Photoshop Smart Objects to facilitate your work.

How to create an interactive PDF form – quickly and easily

Interactive forms can be particularly useful when entering and validating data. We show you how to use Adobe and various online tools to create a PDF form tailored to your needs.

Serif fonts: free fonts and interesting facts

Serif fonts often exude a touch of nostalgia, but they can also create a very modern impression. There are free fonts to match every style. We have rounded up the best options for you.

The dos and don’ts of designing the perfect packaging

Stand out to win! In a nutshell, this is what packaging design is all about. But this is easier said than done in a large grocery store boasting thousands of competing products. And it isn’t necessarily the packaging with the boldest colour combination that is most eye-catching. You have to get inventive and follow certain tips to be successful.

Metallica font: download iconic heavy metal fonts

Everyone knows the Metallica font which has become popular not just with fans of the famous heavy metal band. But where can you get it?

Wording samples for company Christmas party invitations

The annual office holiday party is not at the top of the list of all employees and some will prefer to stay away. To make sure most of the staff attends the event, the invitation should spark anticipation and enthusiasm for the party.