Drawstring bags & gym bags

Drawstring bags are a hot trend

Over the past years, drawstring bags have become a trendy item. In the past, drawstring bags were mainly used as school bag or in gyms, whereas today the versatile items are popular with everyone. In 2010, fashion and creative designers rediscovered the drawstring bags as a hot accessory for outfits and matching bags to hold your belongings. They have been popular ever since. This is especially true for printed drawstring bags. In addition to looking good, they are also an effective promotional tool: So increase your brand awareness by printing stylish drawstring bags.

Printed drawstring bags to boost your business

Drawstring bags with your logo make for perfect giveaways. They are a useful companion for the recipients and ideal giveaways for businesses: Drawstring bags can be used as goody bags at events or exhibitions and hold all your visitors' literature and swag such as ball pens, sweets, USB sticks, brochures, etc. Thus they turn visitors, customers and employees into walking brand ambassadors. Put your company logo, claim or upcoming events on the printable area of the drawstring bag.

Our drawstring bags in detail

Drawstring bags have characteristic features: They all have strings to tighten and carry the bag allowing you to pack up your essentials in style. Before printing your drawstring bags, you should give some thought to the subtle differences of the models. Our plain-coloured drawstring bag 'Leopoldsburg', for instance, is available in different colours, and weighing just 22 g, it can easily be transported in bulk to the place of use at your exhibition or event stand. The yellow 'Marchtrenk' sports bag has eye-catching reflector strips, whereas the grey 'Mexico City' bag features striking black details and a stylish front compartment which is ideal to showcase your promotional flyers. Moreover, it is very sturdy and durable thanks to the 300D polyester material. If you prefer cotton, we recommend the 'Suva' drawstring bag custom-printed with your design.