Shipping information


Shipping methods

Free standard shipping 

Standard shipping to an address in Ireland will be handled by DPD and is free for all products in our online shop. Depending on the product ordered, we may ship your parcels with other shipping partners in individual cases. 
Shipping time: approx. 4 working days


Express shipping 

We offer optional express shipping for many products. After the production process is completed, product delivery on the next working day is guaranteed. Express delivery is not possible when shipping to islands. The costs are indicated in the shipping tables below. 
Shipping time: 1 working day, except Saturdays


Additional shipping options

White label shipping 

Upon request, your order will be sent in discreet packaging with no logos or branding that indicate Onlineprinters as the manufacturer. Choose the "neutral sender" option to have your printed products sent with an unbranded, white shipping label inside Ireland without extra costs. The invoice will be sent to the e-mail address specified in your customer account.


General information

  • Each order item is prepared for shipping individually immediately after completion and is sent to the specified shipping address. An order will not be shipped collectively.
  • Shipping to parcel lockers and parcel shops is not possible.
  • When shipping to destinations with limited accessibility or to islands, shipping may take up to 4 working days longer.
  • Very heavy or bulky consignments (on pallets) may also take up to 5 working days longer.
  • Shipping is carbon neutral. Our shipping partners have adopted internal measures to reduce carbon emissions and offset the remaining emissions through certified climate projects within the scope of emissions trading.

Weight calculator

Final format (Height x Width)
Print run:
Total weight:

Shipping costs

Net shipping costs

all prices in EUR (excl. VAT)

Weight up toStandardExpress
5 kg0,0049,00
10 kg0,0066,00
15 kg0,0078,00
20 kg0,0092,00
25 kg0,00106,00
30 kg0,00120,00
35 kg0,00171,00
40 kg0,00183,00
45 kg0,00197,00
50 kg0,00211,00
60 kg0,00276,00
70 kg0,00302,00
80 kg0,00364,00
90 kg0,00393,00
100 kg0,00421,00
110 kg0,00446,00
120 kg0,00512,00
130 kg0,00575,00
140 kg0,00603,00
150 kg0,00631,00
160 kg0,00696,00
170 kg0,00722,00
180 kg0,00785,00
190 kg0,00814,00
200 kg0,00841,00
210 kg0,00906,00
220 kg0,00932,00
230 kg0,00995,00
240 kg0,001.024,00
250 kg0,001.051,00
260 kg0,001.056,00
270 kg0,001.061,00
280 kg0,001.066,00
290 kg0,001.071,00
300 kg0,001.076,00
310 kg0,001.081,00
320 kg0,001.086,00
330 kg0,001.091,00
340 kg0,001.096,00
350 kg0,001.101,00
360 kg0,001.106,00
370 kg0,001.111,00
380 kg0,001.116,00
390 kg0,001.121,00
400 kg0,001.126,00
410 kg0,001.131,00
420 kg0,001.136,00
430 kg0,001.141,00
440 kg0,001.146,00
450 kg0,001.151,00
460 kg0,001.156,00
470 kg0,001.161,00
480 kg0,001.166,00
490 kg0,001.171,00
500 kg0,001.176,00
600 kg0,001.191,00
700 kg0,001.206,00
800 kg0,001.221,00
900 kg0,001.236,00
1000 kg0,001.251,00
> 1000 kg0,001.276,00

Gross shipping costs

all prices in EUR, 21 % VAT included

Weight up toStandardExpress
5 kg0,0059,29
10 kg0,0079,86
15 kg0,0094,38
20 kg0,00111,32
25 kg0,00128,26
30 kg0,00145,20
35 kg0,00206,91
40 kg0,00221,43
45 kg0,00238,37
50 kg0,00255,31
60 kg0,00333,96
70 kg0,00365,42
80 kg0,00440,44
90 kg0,00475,53
100 kg0,00509,41
110 kg0,00539,66
120 kg0,00619,52
130 kg0,00695,75
140 kg0,00729,63
150 kg0,00763,51
160 kg0,00842,16
170 kg0,00873,62
180 kg0,00949,85
190 kg0,00984,94
200 kg0,001.017,61
210 kg0,001.096,26
220 kg0,001.127,72
230 kg0,001.203,95
240 kg0,001.239,04
250 kg0,001.271,71
260 kg0,001.277,76
270 kg0,001.283,81
280 kg0,001.289,86
290 kg0,001.295,91
300 kg0,001.301,96
310 kg0,001.308,01
320 kg0,001.314,06
330 kg0,001.320,11
340 kg0,001.326,16
350 kg0,001.332,21
360 kg0,001.338,26
370 kg0,001.344,31
380 kg0,001.350,36
390 kg0,001.356,41
400 kg0,001.362,46
410 kg0,001.368,51
420 kg0,001.374,56
430 kg0,001.380,61
440 kg0,001.386,66
450 kg0,001.392,71
460 kg0,001.398,76
470 kg0,001.404,81
480 kg0,001.410,86
490 kg0,001.416,91
500 kg0,001.422,96
600 kg0,001.441,11
700 kg0,001.459,26
800 kg0,001.477,41
900 kg0,001.495,56
1000 kg0,001.513,71
> 1000 kg0,001.543,96
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