Wristbands for events


Security wristbands help organisers run their events smoothly whether for crowd control, admission and prevention of ticket fraud. But wristbands also come in handy at free events, e.g. for age verification or to count attendance. The wristbands are attached to the wrist using various closure types to prevent them from being transferred to other people. Printed wristbands are a simple and effective means of access control for your event. Just place the band around your customer's wrist upon entering your festival premises to prevent unauthorised access. Typical applications of printed wristbands include festivals, trade shows, concerts and similar events. Printed wristbands are a win-win situation: Once attached to their wrist, visitors don't have to worry about losing their ticket and it's a breeze for them to pass access points.


Tyvek wristbands look like paper and can be printed in four colours. They can be cut like paper but are tear-proof and water-resistant. The admission wristbands have a scored closure, making it difficult to transfer the wristband to another person. As a result, printed wristbands made of Tyvek cannot easily be given to another user. Add a serial number to your printed event wristbands to track attendance and spot counterfeit wristbands. If you prefer coloured wristbands, you can order Tyvek admission wristbands with a single colour imprint. Tyvek event wristbands are available in different neon colours, gold, silver, red, blue and more colour choices. We recommend printing Tyvek event wristbands for single-day wear or free events.


Our cloth wristbands are made of polyester satin. The same material is used for lanyards. The fabric wristbands have a plastic ring closure. Gripping teeth on the inside lock the wristband into a secure position. The cloth wristbands don't require any closing tools and cannot be opened by pushing back the ring. Made of high-quality material, the cloth wristbands have a superior appearance compared to the lower-priced, paper-like wristbands. The woven fabric wristbands are durable yet skin friendly and comfortable to wear. The slightly more expensive fabric wristbands are proved and tested access control solutions especially for multi-day events.


Don't underestimate the emotional value that visitors associate with quality event wristbands made of woven fabric. Passionate festival goers love their iconic wristbands and continue to wear them long after the event. Creative industry exhibitions and events also increasingly prefer fabric wristbands over standard paper tickets. The wristbands made of woven polyester satin are soft and comfortable on the skin, water-resistant and durable and convey a certain sense of quality. What's more, the wristbands create a promotional impact since they are worn on your customers' wrist for everyone to see.
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