Event tickets


Printed event tickets are still a must-have for concerts, art events or sports competitions even in the digital age of smart phones, smart watches and similar devices. Print event tickets for concerts, festivals, theatre or opera performances, cinema or other events. Our customers prefer A7 for their event ticket printing solutions. In our online shop, you can use free event ticket templates to easily create your artwork with the correct dimensions. We recommend enclosingflyersorpostcardswith your event tickets to provide more details about the event.


Surprise your guests with an exceptional idea and print your event tickets as invitations. Whether office party, open day or other highlight, wow your guests with custom printed invitations that look like event tickets. Use attention-grabbing special sizes such as square or 1/3 A4 to make an impact. Or choose higher paper weights and special surface finishes to add a touch of class. You can also print a number on your ticket if you have assigned specific seats to your guests. Make your event tickets extra secure by printing your personalized design in black-light ink. Held under a UV light source, you see at a glance whether the invitations are authentic or not. By the way: Are you unable to present your invitations in person? Then your guests will loveenvelopes printed in a classy design.


For extra security, we also offer high-security ticket stock. The tickets incorporate a layer of red paper as a security element which becomes visible when tearing the ticket. This makes your event tickets very difficult to forge and allows you to control who gets access to your exclusive event.

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