Promotional gifts


Give small gifts to friends to show your appreciation and cement business relationships by gifting classy promotional items that drive customer loyalty. Everyone loves to get a thoughtful gift whether to attract new customers or reward long-standing business relationships. Show your business partners, customers and employees how much you care for them by giving them classy promotional gifts they can use at work and beyond. Get thoughtful promotional gifts with a custom imprint to take brand awareness with your target audience to a whole new level. Browse our varied portfolio of promotional products and giveaways to find an authentic gift that represents you and your products. Promotional gifts of superior quality have a big impact on customers and help build lasting business relationships.


When considering which promotional gifts to print, quality and authenticity are key aspects to consider. The gifts you choose must also suit the occasion, ideally provide added value to your target audience and be of great practical value. The rule of thumb is that the more frequently a customer uses your promotional gift, the better the impact of your marketing will be. Small and compact giveaways are ideal at trade shows and events where people generally avoid carrying around heavy or bulky items. Power banks or USB memory sticks are perfect swag options if you are looking for superior and practical promotional gifts to please regular customers or to celebrate the signing of a contract. Additionally, bulk giveaways such as keyrings, sweets and cotton tote bags can help create a holistic trade show experience and grab the attention of foot traffic. Pick your promotional gifts carefully and selectively gift premium products such as speakers or umbrellas. Inspire your target audience with promo items tailored to their company: A travel agency, for example, could give logo toilet bags or manicure kits to its customers to showcase its brand around the world. Beverage suppliers could gift their customers a promotional item that is both handy and useful such as a keyring with bottle opener or seasonal items like beach balls or deck chairs.


Promotional items can help increase brand awareness and raise your profile. Used in a targeted manner, trendy promotional gifts will make you stand out from the crowd and evoke positive emotions. No matter which design and promotional gift you ultimately choose as part of an efficient marketing strategy, the goal is for your customers and business partners to associate the positive experience of your promotional gifts with your products to become loyal supporters of your brand. Surprise your target audience: Besides using corporate gifts to mark standard occasions such as Christmas or birthdays, you can delight your customers or employees by providing luxury promotional gifts to celebrate special events such as their wedding or passing final exams. Surely there are plenty more reasons for your company to celebrate such as a corporate anniversary or a new major project. Share these special corporate milestones with your target audience by gifting classy promotional items or sending out a mailing with discount coupons that will give your customers a reason to drop by your store again. Moreover, promotional gifts are a sure way to position your brand in front of your business partners, customers and target audience on a daily basis.


Custom-printed promotional items have become a staple marketing tool used by companies every day. Promotional gifts are so effective because they increase awareness with your target group and ideally make your company memorable in positive ways. Popular giveaways include ball pens, lighters or other handy gifts your customers and business partners will find helpful in their day-to-day lives. Leverage the full marketing potential of these practical promo items by printing your logo or catchy slogan on promotional gifts. We carry a varied range of promotional products which you can custom print to suit your needs. We print for all budgets: from low priced office classics such as ballpoint pens or notepads to luxury corporate products such as headphones and speakers to get your message across.

Before ordering promotional products to amp up your marketing, you should give thought to a number of aspects: Which target group do you want to appeal to with your promotional gifts and what do your future recipients want and need? Are you planning to hand out the promotional products to mark a specific occasion, use them for a specific industry or as an all-round giveaway? Are you aiming for a wide distribution of your promotional gifts, want to send them by post or give them to selected target audiences? In addition to deciding which product to use for your gifting purposes, you have to specify the exact quantities you want to order. General-purpose giveaways such as ball pens imprinted with your logo should be ordered in bulk to benefit from lower unit prices. We use three different printing techniques in our print shop depending on the substrate of the promotional product: Lighters or ball pens are frequently produced using pad printing technology. Screen printing in contrast is ideal to print t-shirts, hoodies and other garments to achieve highly durable results. Some promotional products can also be engraved. For instance, your logo laser-engraved on the classy Itabela metal ball pen will surely wow any recipient.
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