10 % anniversary discount on brochures – only until 30 April. Code: HAPPYBOOKLET10
10 % anniversary discount on brochures – only until 30 April. Code: HAPPYBOOKLET10

Umbrellas & raincoats


Help your customers stay dry by offering them an umbrella custom-printed to your specifications. Come rain or shine, promotional umbrellas always present your marketing message in the best light. We print a design of your choice on your sun or rain umbrellas. Get your message across to a wide audience by giving out umbrellas in striking colours printed with your logo. Custom-printed promotional umbrellas offer different imprint options to open up a variety of marketing possibilities, from bold and eye-catching designs to subtle and understated prints.


The frame with its ribs divides the canopy into panels. We print your artwork on the wide part of the fabric panel between the ribs. This will showcase your design for everyone to see. You can order umbrellas in different colours to match your corporate design and in the quantity you need. Typical inexpensive giveaways such as branded sweets are often distributed in great amounts and are therefore ordered in bulk. Long-lasting promotional items such as umbrellas are a different matter: Of course it costs more to print a promotional umbrella than personalising a bag of fruit gum, but your customers will enjoy the umbrella for much longer, keeping your brand in circulation for years. Because of this, our printed umbrellas are available in small minimum quantities depending on the model.


Custom promotional umbrellas effectively promote your brand. So it is important to choose a style tailored to the target groups, services or products of your company. Many companies prefer compact folding umbrellas which are collapsible to fit into any bag or backpack to increase brand awareness. And if you run a restaurant, a non-folding umbrella with a wooden handle will ensure that your patrons get into the taxi safe and dry.
Automatic folding umbrellas are great for travelling or shopping as they conveniently fold to a small size to be conveniently carried on the go. Opening automatically at the push of a button, the compact umbrellas will make sure that your clients thank you every time your umbrella keeps them dry. Build your reputation as a service provider by giving your customers a printed umbrella at the right time whether it is to keep their freshly laundered suit dry or protect their new hairdo. It is also a must-have giveaway for all hotels, guest houses and other hospitality businesses.
Make your hotel stand out by printing personalised umbrellas and offering them at the reception desk for guests to stay dry in a downpour. Or use it as a concierge umbrella to shelter guests into a taxi. Promotional umbrellas are also popular gifts presented to celebrate the signing of a contract in industries with a service or safety focus such as car dealers, real estate agents or insurance companies. No matter which type of umbrella you choose, your customers will appreciate being gifted a long-lasting item they can actively use.
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