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Rigid foam boards bring your message to life and create visual impact for your business. The versatile marketing tool is also great as information sign at exhibitions or trade shows. Printed rigid foam boards can be used both for indoor and outdoor advertising. Similar to corrugated sheets, rigid foam boards are very lightweight and easy to mount. This is one of the reasons why customers love customised rigid foam boards, hanging them from ceilings in large stores, office rooms or exhibition halls among others. Despite the light weight, rigid foam material is very durable and stable. The term 'rigid foam board' is often used synonymously with the FOREX print material. We offer FOREX print in 5mm and 10mm quality.


We print the rigid foam boards using digital print technology where the UV inks are printed directly on the material. Printed rigid foam boards are available in standard sizes from A3 to A0 and in various special sizes up to 200x100cm. The boards can also be ordered in square sizes from 30x30cm to 100x100cm. If all these size options don't suit your needs, you cango for the custom size specification to create a rigid foam board tailor-made to meet your needs. What is more, the die cut option enables you to create a custom-shaped foam board for maximum impact. All you have to do is define the dieline in your artwork and leave the rest to us. The dieline must meet certain criteria in the artwork. For detailed information on the artwork required for contour cutting, go to the corresponding product pages and our Support Center.


To be able to make the most of your advertising signs, you can order them with matching mounting material. We deliver plastic hangers, metal holders or drilled corner holes depending on how and where you plan to install them.Before ordering your advertising signs, you should think carefully about where you want to mount them and how the surface is structured. We digitally print foam boards up to a quantity of 25 with the same subject. Regardless of the print, it is crucial to design your advertising signs to be highly visible from a distance with an advertising message that can be grasped at a glance. Used indoors, however, you can go smaller and create more delicate designs to be set up as information notice at your trade show booth, for example. As you can see, design options and applications of board printing are virtually unlimited. We look forward to making your print project become reality.

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