When it comes to printing food and drinks menus, you can let your creativity run wild. The restaurant menus are available in different sizes, binding types, and finishing options.

Depending on the size and style of your establishment, you can choose between spiral-bound menus, folded menus, saddle-stitched menus, and placemat menus.

You can also print a separate drink menu to present your offering of beverages to your customers in style.


You want to offer limited menu choices only or add seasonal specials to your regular menu? No problem! Print simple menus.

The menus consist of sheets of paper which are custom-printed to your preferences on the front and back in the sizes A6, A5, A4, A3, and DL.

To promote daily menus or weekly specials, placemat menu printing is a great alternative to make your guests' mouth water with just one look at the menu.


It doesn't matter whether you print menus for food or drinks, for a restaurant, cocktail bar, or club: A menu is the face of your establishment, and as such it is just as important as the food and the interior.

In addition to different types and sizes, we therefore offer a variety of paper stocks and weights for menu printing.

The rule of thumb is that the thicker the paper stock of your food and drink menus, the higher the perceived level of fanciness of your place. Depending on the type of food and drink menu, you can choose art print paper in the weights 170 gsm, 250 gsm, 300 gsm, and 400 gsm. To get an impression of the colours and paper qualities, we recommend ordering a control copy or the paper sample book.

Offering a variety of design possibilities, placemats are available with art print and offset paper as well as plastic film and linen cardstock.


What is the ideal size of a menu?

There is no one perfect size for menus. A4 is popular for comprehensive food menus and drinks lists, whereas DL is the right choice for less extensive menus that are easy to handle.

Which information should I include in a menu?

Your menu should include the name of the restaurant, the contact details and the offering of foods and drinks complete with prices. Make sure you comply with legal price indication regulations and add mandatory information on ingredients and allergens.

Are there any finishing options to create wipe clean menus?

To protect the surface, we recommend applying film lamination on both sides of the menu. Please note that film laminated menus are not absolutely waterproof since the film is applied separately on each side and does not fully enclose the edge of the paper.

What types of menus are available?

We carry standard menus with spiral binding or saddle-stitch binding. We offer inserts for special offers and separate menus. A popular choice is to combine a folded menu with a flyer that can also be used for advertising. Another option is to use placemat menus to showcase your offering.
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