Wind turbines in the One Line design.
A blue whale in the One Line design jumps out of the water into the air.
A globe in the One Line design is lying on a green leaf.

Protecting the environment is our mission. That is why we at ONLINEPRINTERS design the production process for your printed products as resource-saving as possible. As an online printing business producing with our own machines, we can decide a lot of things ourselves to print in an environmentally friendly and cruelty-free way. Also our subsidiaries with their own production facilities in the UK, Denmark, Poland and Spain have committed to this policy.




Before completing an order, you can decide whether you want to set off the carbon emission resulting from the production. For this purpose we have been cooperating with the climate specialist ClimatePartner since 2013.


To do so, select the “Carbon-neutral production” option in the “Payment/shipping” step when ordering. The carbon emission of your print order will be calculated automatically, and the additional costs will be directly displayed. On average, they are less than one per cent of the order value.


You can choose which project you would like to support.


Two open hands in the One Line design move towards each other. One of the hands is holding a tiny green plant. Measuring the carbon emissions produced by their print orders, customers can compensate them by contributing to a climate protection project.

We then supply you with a seal that confirms the offset and which you can integrate in your printed products before uploading them. Make use of this option to show your customers that you are good to nature.





ONLINEPRINTERS is committed to responsible stewardship of our planet through resource-saving printing. Our awards in the field of sustainability and environmental protection confirm our commitment.

An orange cup in the One Line design is standing on a green meadow next to a violet flower. It indicates our eco certificates.





As an online printer producing with our own machinery, it is our declared goal to use the resources paper, ink and energy as sparingly as possible during the production of your print material.

A printing machine in the One Line design with the four printing units, very similar to those we use in our production.





One of the most important resources for the production of printed goods is paper. Every year, we buy several thousand tons. Forests are the basis of life for humans and animals. We want to do everything to preserve them for future generations. For this reason, we purchase our paper exclusively from sustainable forestry.

A hand in the One Line design is holding three postcards. The one in the front shows the orange ONLINEPRINTERS pixel.





Per year, we ship more than one million parcels. That means every minute, two parcels leave our factories via state-of-the-art packaging and shipping lines. Our shipping partner DPD transports every parcel in a carbon-neutral way. Carbon-neutral shipping is achieved through internal measures to reduce carbon emissions and by offsetting the remaining emissions through certified climate projects.


In addition to reducing the energy consumption in their warehouses and using vehicles powered by electricity or natural gas, DPD also supports wind energy projects in India and Turkey.





 Printed products are especially shock and pressure-sensitive at the corners and edges. Therefore, they have to be specially protected to reach customers in perfect condition. For transport packages, we only use licensed and recyclable packaging materials. The cardboard is made of FSC-certified recycled material. ONLINEPRINTERS is a member of Duales System Interseroh with the manufacturer number 222966, taking part in the Europe-wide recycling of our shipping packaging. 
A parcel in One Line design. The top is open, the flaps fall to the outside and are green. This shows that we make sure to choose environmentally friendly packaging for transport





For our online shop we need a high-performance data processing centre. This is necessary to make sure that you can place your print orders around the clock and even on weekends.


The servers, network technology and air conditioning systems consume energy and produce carbon emissions. Our shop system partner WEBSALE together with the climate protection specialist ClimatePartner make sure that all ONLINEPRINTERS online shops are operated in a carbon-neutral way. WEBSALE compensates all carbon emissions produced by operating the shop computer centre and the office buildings via a certified climate protection project.





Our aim is the continuous improvement of our energy-consuming services. For this purpose, we regularly collect and review our energy data. In 2016, ONLINEPRINTERS introduced an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001. Since then, our energy management team has made sure that all the required processes are complied with and see to a continuous improvement of our energy efficiency.


Today, we are purchasing 100 % green energy. The waste heat of machines, compressors and hot water lines is recovered through heat exchangers. This enables us to heat a complete printing shop floor without additional energy! Filter systems assure maximum water savings. Consumption-controlled compressors, fans and air shafts provide for the efficient use of energy. The waste heat of adjoining buildings is used for heating the sprinkler system to avoid condensation and freezing. In the office sector, ink and toner cartridges are being consistently recycled.

A hand is holding a light bulb in the air. Instead of a lamp, the bulb contains a green plant. This indicates our responsible use of energy.
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Questions and suggestions can be sent to the following e-mail address: environmentalprotection@onlineprinters.ie



This is what our subsidiaries do for the environment:

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