Environment & Sustainability

Protecting the environment and the climate has long been our concern. At ONLINEPRINTERS we respect our planet through resource-saving printing operations. With the successful certification of our printing products and their manufacturing processes, as well as various awards for sustainability and environmental protection, we have been able to prove this once again. 




With the FSC® certificate we have proven that the product chain of manufacturing printed products is gapless from the production and service stages to further processing and logistics and thus satisfies FSC® standards. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) is an international non-profit organisation that created, operates and further develops the first certification system for sustainable forest management. 


To learn more about FSC®, go to the Environmental protection section.




The "Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes"(PEFCTM) is the biggest independent organisation worldwide for the verification of sustainable forest management. Being a PEFCTM certified provider of printing services, we have committed ourselves to use certified paper for individual print products that is made from pulp or wood from forests managed sustainably in ecological, economic and socially compatible terms.


To learn more about PEFCTM, go to the Environmental protection section.




A producing company such as ours requires energy in a lot of places: Print and processing machines run 24/7, technical equipment and room management in the production halls have to be powered, offices need to be heated and server rooms cooled.

To not waste any energy, Onlineprinters has undergone certification according to 
DIN ISO 50001. This energy management system scrutinises all in-house processes in terms of energy efficiency to derive strategies to improve energy performance to help protect the environment. Our use of energy and heat, for example, shows that we take sustainable resource management seriously: By operating energy-efficient machines, we consume less electricity and a heat recovery system assures that we need almost no additional heating for the production rooms.





ONLINEPRINTERS has renewed it’s certification of the French eco-label Imprim’Vert®, which is French for “green print”. During the recertification process performed by the French auditor Benoît Moreau, the company could show that it complies with the strict environmental certification criteria. 

The following criteria must be met: disposal of hazardous waste according to standards,  the safe storage of harmful liquids, no use of toxic substances, monitoring energy consumption as well as raising staff and customer awareness of environmental issues.

The French label Imprim’Vert®

The eco-label is used to certify printers which are either located in France or deliver to French customers and are willing to undergo continuous audits. A network of 200 environmental representatives assists the printers in developing and implementing their environmental protection programs. A total of 1,852 printers were certified with the French eco-label in the EU in 2019.