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No online shop works without a powerful computer centre with servers, network technology and air conditioning to keep all equipment at operating temperature. This uses up lots of energy and produces carbon emissions. 

Onlineprinters plays a pioneering role here, too: Thanks to our shop system partner WEBSALE and the climate protection specialists ClimatePartner, all online shops of Onlineprinters GmbH are run in a carbon neutral manner. 

This means that WEBSALE offsets 100 per cent of all carbon emissions incurred by running the shop computer centre, the administration buildings and the company cars through a certified climate protection project. 

The climate offset project supported by WEBSALE supplies households in rural areas of West Kenya with new water filter systems. These water filters are run without electricity and dispense with the energy-intensive act of boiling water before use. Burning large quantities of fire wood is thus avoided, and so is the associated emission of greenhouse gases. Moreover, the project improves the access to clean drinking water and consequently enhances the quality of life of the project participants. 

One water treatment system manages to provide fresh drinking water to a family of up to five. The offset quantities of WEBSALE alone enable the installation of about 50 water treatment systems per year thus providing 250 persons access to clean drinking water.