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Data sheet
Data sheet

Artwork information Soft cover notebooks, A5

Data format: 5.40 x 4.60 cm

Trimmed size (open): 30.30 x 21.00 cm

Trimmed size (closed): 14.20 x 21.00 cm

Texts, objects and graphs must be created in 100 % black, no grey scales

Do not use any effects such as shadows, gradations, grids, Transparencies etc.

Preferably use sans-serif Fonts, e.g. Arial, Verdana, Helvetica etc.

Font size: min. 10 pt (3.5 mm)

Line width: min. 1 pt (0.4 mm)

Debossing can cause slight unevenness on the reverse side.

Insert only vector graphics (no pixel graphics/raster graphics) into your design and convert all fonts to paths.

Submit your artwork files as PDF only.

We will not check for spelling and/or typographical errors.

Comments will be deleted and not printed.

Form field content will be printed.

How do I create print data correctly?

Data sheet

Product details

Single-sided monochrome print (1/0) back blank

Soft cover notebook in portrait orientation with rounded corners

Notebook cover: 250 gsm black natural paper with embossing and coloured edges

You can choose only one colour for both the embossing and the coloured edges: yellow, green, blue, orange, red or black

The embossing and the paper edges will be coloured automatically in the selected colour.

Please create a single-colour vector graphic with black set up as spot colour in your artwork.

Paper of inside pages: 90 gsm bright white writing paper with micro-perforation to tear out the individual pages

Number of pages: 96

Please note that you can upload only one cover design for each print job which will be finished in one colour only

The print-ready PDF file must contain vectors only. JPEG or TIFF images and templates are not suitable.

Visit our Support Centre for more information and tips on vector data.

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