Folded Cards Portrait, A6

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Data sheet
Data sheet

Artwork information Folded Cards Portrait, A6

Data format (incl. 2.00 mm bleed): 21.40 x 15.20 cm

Trimmed size (open): 21.00 x 14.80 cm

Trimmed size (closed): 10.50 x 14.80 cm

Resolution at least 300 dpi for an original image size of.

Include a surrounding trim of 2 mm, important information should be at least 4 mm from the edge of the final format size

Fonts must be completely imbedded or converted to curves.

colour mode CMYK, FOGRA51 (PSO coated v3) for coated paper, FOGRA52 (PSO uncoated v3 FOGRA52) for uncoated paper

Maximum colour application of 300%

We will not check for spelling and/or typographical errors.

We will not check for overprint settings.

Transparencies created with CorelDRAW must be reduced.

Comments will be deleted and not printed.

Form field content will be printed.

Crease lines cannot be monitored

We cannot always take the paper grain into consideration

Please pay attention to the reading direction when creating your print files

Please do not enter printing data for folded cards as individual pages, but rather as fully assembled inner and outer pages

The perforation is in the same position where the creasing and folding would be. Only the last page can be perforated.

How do I create print data correctly?

Data sheet
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Product details

Double-sided colour print (4/4)

Delivered pre-creased but not folded

Wide range of paper stocks available

250 gsm Magic Chrome (mirror effect): The silver shimmering front provides a great appearance. Printed with UV-dried inks

250 gsm CHROMOLUX Pearl: Pearl-white front. Printed with UV-dried inks and all-over UV-dried varnish finishing.

250 gsm Splendorlux (FEDRIGONI): Front high-gloss-coated; white back (writeable).

240 gsm Rococo (Gmund): *pink tinge with horizontal and vertical line embossing

275 gsm Gmund Vergé beige: structured paperboard with a warm beige tint

300 gsm Baroque (Gmund): *soft yellow with a ripped texture on one side

300 gsm Modern Art (Gmund): *white with a hue of blue and ultra-fine embossed dots and subtle gloss

350 gsm Renaissance (Gmund): *light-grey with very fine vertical line embossing

246 gsm hammer-finished board: Surface with hammertone texture

Optional with DIN-C6 envelopes

Unprinted, without window, wet sealed

80 gsm white with grey silk liner with pointed flap

Please do not enter printing data for folded cards as individual pages, but rather as fully assembled inner and outer pages