10 % anniversary discount on brochures – only until 30 April. Code: HAPPYBOOKLET10
10 % anniversary discount on brochures – only until 30 April. Code: HAPPYBOOKLET10

Wine bottle labels


Custom wine gifts are great giveaways for customers and business partners with a taste for the finer things. However, if you want to create a positive impression, you should not pick out the next best bottle in the wine section of your grocery store just because you like the label. A bottle of wine is a premium gift for a wedding, anniversary or to express customer appreciation. But with so many varieties to choose from, it is important to learn about wine first and browse the internet or ask a wine merchant for information to nail the perfect gift and stand out from the crowd of givers. The variety, wine-grower, region or alcohol content of a wine are important aspects to consider as is the recipient's taste. To make sure your recipient will never forget your customised gift, you should design a bespoke wine label to remind them of your company long after the greeting card has been tossed in the bin. Create a unique look for your wine bottles and stand out from the mass of traditional gifts with your own custom wine bottle labels. Add your company logo, a special photo, type in custom text or use your corporate colour theme to boost brand recognition. Or incorporate a relevant quote that reflects your company's philosophy, for example.


When ordering wine bottle labels from us, you can define the size of the label yourself thanks to the custom size specification. Delivered on a roll, the unslit label stickers are ready to use and peel off the backing paper easily. The glued back is unprinted. We make your custom labels using full colour digital ink printing without additional adhesives, hot foil stamping or lamination. The stickers are available in a selection of paper stocks to suit our customers' varied requirements. In addition to exclusive papers such as textured and transparent stock, our writeable offset paper allows you to add a personal message to the finished labels. To print attention-grabbing wine labels, neon paper is the stock to go for. The text is printed in plain black colour to create a striking contrast to the neon background.


In addition to boosting the visual appeal of wine bottles, our printed wine labels can be put to a number of other users as well. Get creative and use them to label dips, marmelades and other foodstuffs you want to treat your customers to for Christmas or Easter. Don't forget to add important information such as the ingredients or the best before date. Versatile wine labels create an awesome corporate look and add appeal to any canned item. Transform standard bottles and jars into personalised packaging solutions for unique promotional giveaways. We produce our self-adhesive wine labels with digital printing technology. The wine labels have great adhesive performance and are difficult to remove once applied.

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