Lens cleaning cloths


Help your customers see your brand clearly by giving them custom printed microfiber lens cloths. Greatly appreciated by everyone who wears glasses, promotional cleaning cloths are a practical giveaway that will help your target audience keep their lenses clean especially on the go. The soft microfiber cloths easily get rid of smudges and dirt on lenses. In addition to spectacles, this versatile promotional item can also be used to gently clean sunglasses. They effectively eliminate dust, dirt, smudges or moisture in any situation to ensure a clear view. What better way to create positive awareness for your brand than to give your customers a soft glasses cleaning cloth imprinted with your eye-catching design to gently clean their eyewear? Harness the benefits of practical microfiber cloths for your marketing by giving out custom-printed glasses cleaning cloths printed with your logo, text or design.
By the way: Combined with promotional sunglasses, glasses cleaning cloths are the perfect giveaway combo for the sunny season.


If you want to use custom-printed glasses cleaning cloths for promotion, you should choose high-quality microfiber products. These cloths have multiple advantages: They are softer than paper tissues and moist lens wipes and are gentler on the spectacle lenses. A quick swipe with the microfiber cloth is all it takes no water or chemicals are needed. Opticians, too, prefer the reusable microfiber cloths to clean eyewear with glass or plastic lenses without leaving scratches and streaks. Discover a new advertising medium with lens cleaning cloths and print personalised microfiber lens wipes to promote your company. We carry two different sizes of custom printable glasses cleaning cloths. The cleaning cloths are packaged individually so you can start giving them out as practical giveaways right away. We print your design on one side of the glasses cleaning cloth in top quality.


Custom printed lens cleaning cloths can be used to get all kinds of delicate surfaces sparkling clean. In addition to cleaning eyeglasses, the soft microfiber fabric is ideal to gently wipe camera lenses, smartphone and tablet displays, monitor screens, mirrors and other sensitive surfaces. Custom microfiber cleaning cloths are an excellent choice to safely clean glasses. Using a paper towel or moist cloth can cause smears and streaks on lenses. In the worst case, improper cleaning can lead to scratches on delicate surfaces. Promotional cleaning cloths printed with your logo, unique design or catchy slogan are a worthwhile investment. As items of great practical use, they will put your brand in front of your recipients every day.

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