Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time and concerns both private individuals as well as companies. As an online printer that cares about the environment, we see this as our responsibility. For this reason, we have further stepped up our commitment to protect the environment by cooperating with the climate protection specialist ClimatePartner: All ONLINEPRINTERS products printed on recycled paper are now carbon neutral – at no extra cost. By doing so, we are meeting our customers' request for carbon neutral alternatives and more sustainability. 

What does that mean for you? All our printed products on recycled paper or recycled cardstock are carbon neutral and can be labelled as "carbon neutral". This service is also free of charge for you. After ordering a printed product on recycled paper, you can download the climate protection label as a PDF file which you can insert into your artwork before uploading the file.

By opting for recycled paper, you already contribute to protecting the environment thanks to this eco-friendly alternative. We are now consistently continuing this approach and guarantee the carbon neutrality of the printed product on recycled paper by cooperating with the climate protection specialist.

Calculating the carbon footprint

We have calculated the carbon footprint of our products printed on recycled paper with ClimatePartner to make sure that they are carbon neutral. Setting off carbon emissions is another important step in the holistic approach to protect the climate besides avoiding and reducing carbon emissions. To determine the offset quantity, the Product Carbon Footprint is calculated first: in our case, from purchasing to printing and delivery of the printed material to the customer.

Climate protection projects to offset emissions

We want to guarantee the certified carbon neutrality of our products printed on recycled paper and at the same time make a contribution at the regional level to support environmental protection at our site in a meaningful way. We therefore promote two climate protection projects: planting trees in our region and forest protection in Pará in Brazil.
To learn more about the positive impacts of the climate protection projects, go to

Offsetting carbon emissions is probably the most important aspect of collaborating with ClimatePartner, however, not the only one. The concentration of greenhouse gases is about the same around the globe since the gases are evenly distributed in the atmosphere. Therefore, carbon emissions not only affect the places where they are produced but the entire planet. Conversely, this means that it is not relevant where the emissions are cut.

Certified climate protection projects are subject to strict criteria. One of them is the exclusion of double counting. This means that the positive climate impact of offsetting carbon emissions may be attributed to one project only. There are hardly any climate protection projects with applicable criteria in the European Union because the successes are usually already counted elsewhere. They are often credited to a country's total greenhouse gas emissions or attributed to green electricity, for example. Therefore, many climate protection projects are located in the so-called developing countries among others which meet the criteria more easily and are simply more efficient.

Eco and natural products

Discover the variety of our eco and natural products – from classic printed matter to simple folded cards and vegan stickers.


Forest conservation in Brazil

The "Várzea" in Pará is located at the Amazon estuary and is a unique ecosystem with ten endemic plant species. The river favours cattle breeding and agriculture which leads to deforestation. The Ecomapuá project protects 90,000 hectares of forest in Pará from commercial logging, saving about 145,000 tonnes of carbon each year. What is more, the development of one of the poorest regions in northeastern Brazil is promoted by providing alternative sources of income and educational opportunities. To be specific, 300 jobs were created in tree nurseries and in the production and trade of the açaí berry.

The project is certified to Verified Carbon Standard and Social Carbon.

Our printed products on recycled paper:

Choose the environmentally friendly alternative and order your marketing material printed on recycled paper to make an active contribution to protecting the climate. Our recycled paper is certified to the "Blue Angel" eco-label and is made from 100 % waste paper. It therefore protects forests, reduces pollution and has a lower environmental impact than other papers during production. Besides standard marketing materials such as brochures, folded leaflets and business cards, recycled papers in various paper weights are also available for folded cards and placemats. 

These are our recycled papers

Besides white recycled paper with weights of 80 gsm, 110 gsm and 170 gsm, we also provide 300 gsm recycled cardstock. To learn more about the papers, please see our Material Guide.