Posters, City-Light

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net€ 1,465.04
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Data sheet
Data sheet

Artwork information Posters, City-Light

Data format (incl. 2.00 mm bleed): 118.90 x 175.40 cm

Trimmed size: 118.50 x 175.00 cm

Resolution at least 200 dpi for an original image size of

Include a surrounding trim of 2 mm, important information should be at least 4 mm from the edge of the final format size

Fonts must be completely imbedded or converted to curves.

colour mode CMYK, FOGRA51 (PSO coated v3) for coated paper, FOGRA52 (PSO uncoated v3 FOGRA52) for uncoated paper

Maximum colour application of 300%

We will not check for spelling and/or typographical errors.

We will not check for overprint settings.

Transparencies created with CorelDRAW must be reduced.

Comments will be deleted and not printed.

Form field content will be printed.

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Data sheet
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Product details

Double-sided colour print (4/4)

To be used especially in light boxes or shop windows

4-colour back side print (mirrored print image on the back) to achieve brilliant colours when transilluminated

30 lpi offset screen

Delivered rolled.

150 gsm art print paper matt