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Face masks

Help yourself and those around you

Choose a design or personalise your mask

Washable 60C

Minimum order quantity: 10 masks

Product selection

COTTON face masks
organic cotton face masks, min. quantity: 100
  • single ply face mask without filter pocket
  • one size fits most face shapes
  • unprinted, white base fabric
from 1.16 €*
STANDARD face masks
face mask with integrated nose wire
  • single ply
  • one size fits most face shapes
  • made of wrinkle-free, elastic fabric
ECONOMY face masks
in different sizes for adults and children
  • available in different sizes (also for children)
  • comfortable to wear thanks to ergonomic ear loops
  • large selection of templates or custom imprint
CLASSIC face masks
two ply design
  • two ply
  • with filter insert
  • two different straps for a comfortable fit
PREMIUM face masks
very comfortable face mask
  • smooth material, excellent printing properties
  • large area for high-impact advertising
  • two ply design with filter pocket

As unique as your business: printed face masks

We carry face masks in different styles and sizes in our online shop. Print your custom artwork on the face masks or choose one of our ready-made designs.

No medical product or personal protective equipment, not tested or certified. Not for medical staff, healthcare professionals or in case of diverging provisions of system-relevant activities. Onlineprinters does not assume any liability for the effectiveness or correct use of the masks.

Benefits of our printable face masks

  • Coronavirus: reducing the transmission risk
    Ideal to kit out your team with personalised face masks. Unlike medical grade masks, fabric masks do not have a scientifically proven protective effect. However, wearing the masks reduces droplet emissions and increases the awareness for mindful interpersonal interactions.
  • Adjustable, optimal fit, reusable
    Choose your perfectly fitting masks from three different styles. All fabric masks have flexible straps that can be adjusted to the circumference of the head and an integrated nose wire for a snug fit. The masks are washable.
  • Ready-made designs or personalised
    Use our ready-made designs to save time and manpower. Or design personalised face masks that are one of a kind. This gives you the freedom to incorporate your logo and create masks boasting your corporate design.
  • High-quality material and individually processed
    The face masks are made of high-quality fabric (100 % polyester). The material has a dense structure and is comfortable to wear. Each cloth mask is sewn by hand and checked carefully after production.
  • Filter insert pocket
    Fit the CLASSIC and PREMIUM double-ply fabric masks with a replaceable filter to maximise their effectiveness. Regularly wash the masks and replace the filters to minimise the risk of droplet transmission.

What are the benefits of the face masks?
The face masks are so-called non-medical face masks or "community masks" used to help limit the spread of coronavirus. No medical product or personal protective equipment, not tested or certified. Not for medical staff, healthcare professionals or in case of diverging provisions of system-relevant activities.

The cloth masks can reduce the expiratory speed and droplet emissions from the wearer. However, the protective effect afforded by the fabric masks (in contrast to medical grade masks) is not scientifically proven. The fabric masks increase "social distancing" awareness and support a health-conscious behaviour for your own benefit and that of others.

The virus can also be transmitted when a person touches a surface that has the virus on it and then touches their mouth, nose, or eyes. Therefore, a cloth mask acting as a physical barrier can prevent the wearer from directly touching their face to a certain degree.

Wearing the fabric mask can reduce the distribution of droplets and thereby decrease the transmission routes of coronavirus infection especially when encountering persons at risk (if disposable surgical masks are not available).

How effective the non-medical face masks are depends on the density of the material and the thickness of the masks. Their effectiveness can be improved by inserting an additional filter.
Are the face masks a medical device?
No medical product or personal protective equipment, not tested or certified. Not for medical staff, healthcare professionals or in case of diverging provisions of system-relevant activities. The masks are made of 100% polyester and can help reduce the risk of transmitting pathogens to others but do not provide effective protection against the transmission of infectious diseases.

The cloth face masks are produced by Onlineprinters Produktion GmbH in Neustadt a. d. Aisch, Germany. They are not tested or certified. The masks are only a makeshift solution where certified disposable surgical face masks are not available.
What is the difference between a non-medical face mask and a medical device?
Fabric face masks are used when disposable surgical face masks are not available. The latter are tested extensively according to specific standards (DIN EN 14683:2019-6) and have a so-called CE marking. They provide guaranteed protection against droplet emissions from the wearer. The protective effect of cloth masks in contrast is not proven. But wearing the fabric masks can reduce the expiratory speed and decrease saliva/mucus droplet emissions. The fabric masks additionally increase "social distancing" awareness and promote health-conscious practices and interactions.
How do I wear the face mask correctly?
For maximum effectiveness, fabric masks have to be worn correctly. The mask must completely cover the mouth, nose and cheeks and fit snugly to minimise air from entering/escaping at the sides. The effectiveness is further improved by inserting a replaceable filter.

When putting on a mask, make sure not to contaminate the inside of the mask. For this reason, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water first. Also make sure that you do not touch or constantly readjust the face mask while wearing it. Maintaining a physical distance of 1.5 m to other people as recommended by the WHO is still required, even when wearing a face mask.

Once the face mask gets moist from your breath, it must be taken off and washed immediately. Keep the used masks in an airtight bag if you are not washing them immediately.

After removing the mask, wash your hands thoroughly by observing the general rules of hygiene (at least 20-30 seconds with soap).
How do I have to wash and clean the face mask?
Always store the (fresh) washable fabric masks in a dry place and wash them at 60C before first using them.

Make sure to carefully take off the fabric mask after use and avoid touching the outer surface. Wash your hands thoroughly after removing the mask.

Keep the used masks in an airtight bag if you are not washing them immediately. As a rule, the used face masks should be washed after each use or at least once a day. Wash the masks at 60C and then dry them completely.
Which filters are suitable for the insert pocket?
Our CLASSIC and PREMIUM masks have a filter insert pocket. This filter delays the time until the masks gets wet by some time. Filters made of electrostatic electret are particularly well suited for this purpose. This material is used in air filters and high-quality vacuum cleaner bags. However, their effectiveness decreases over time and is lost once the filter has been washed. Molleton or very densely woven cotton fabric is an alternative. Conventional paper towels/kitchen roll or microfiber cloths can also be used as filters.
What is the minimum order quantity of face masks?
Our face masks can be ordered from a minimum quantity of ten.
What other products that are helpful during the coronavirus crisis are available at Onlineprinters?
We want to support you in the best possible way also in times of crisis. We carry the following additional products you may find helpful: